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This tab is only available when you vary color By Points (by Increment or by Indexing to column values).

Color List Tab 01.png

Use custom increment list

  • When this box in cleared (default), the built-in color list is used.
  • When this box is selected, a Color Values list will show in this tab. You can customize the displayed list or you can right-click in the list and choose other options, including the loading of other color lists.

Color Values

You can customize, save and reload the color value list. More options are provided in the context menu.

Customize a color

Click on a color in the Color Values list. Use the Color Chooser to edit the color.

Color List Tab 02.png

Rearrange the color list


  • Use the Move up, Move Down, Move to Top and Move to Bottom buttons to change the row index of the color list.
  • Click the button Color List Tab 04.png to the right side of the list to move the bottom color to the top; click the button Color List Tab 05.png to move the top color to the bottom.
  • You can also drag to rearrange the order of the Color Values list.
Color List Tab 03.png


Right-click on the list to Add a color to the list.

Note: The added color element will be displayed at the end of the list.


  • Use the Delete button to remove the selected color from the list.
  • Right-click on the list to Delete the selected color from the list.

Flip Color List

Click the Flip button Categories Reverse Button.png to flip the custom increment color list.

Load and Edit a Palette

Load a Palette

Right-click on the list and select Load Palette. Choose from one of 23 built-in or from user-defined palettes shown in the context menu. You can browse to a user-defined palette file by clicking Browse....

Edit a Palette

Right-click on the list and select Open in Palette Editor.... This opens the Palette Editor dialog box.
Palette Editor.png

Total number of colors The total number of the colors in new palette.
Original Display the original color list

Red, Green or Blue three color channels can be selected on the radio button.
Using the vertical scroll bars, you can adjust the specified channel value from 0 to 255 for the first, middle and last color in the new palette.


Interpolation of colors in the list helps to smooth color transitions. Two methods of interpolating are provided.
Interpolation is performed using the Total number of colors setting.

  • Linear
Use linear interpolation between the first, middle and last color to produce a continuous gradient of color.
  • Sinusoidal
This option adjusts the RGB value for the first (last) color, that value for the last (first) one will change to the same, then the color gradient in the list appears sinusoidal.

In this dialog, the new palette defined cannot be saved as a user-defined palette file, but you can save it as a theme of the color list.
Origin just supports using the PalEdit dialog to create the palette file.

Save and Load Increment List

Save color list as a theme

Right-click on the list and select Save Increment List..., then a dialog pops-up. Enter the name of the theme in the text box and click OK button. The color list theme file(.oth) will be saved in \Themes\Graph subfolder of the User Files folder.

Load Increment List

Right-click on the list and select Load Increment List, then the themes of built-in and the previously saved color list are showing in the context menu.

For more information on increment lists, see these topics:


Copy and Paste Increment List

To apply a custom color increment list to other plots, you can right-click on the list and select Copy. Then go to the Color tab of other plots, right-click on the list and select Paste option.


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