The (Plot Details) Fill Tab

Once you plot a 3D surface plot from either XYZ data or matrix(include virtual matrix), at the plot level, there will be a tab, Fill.

3D Surface from XYZ Data
3D Surface from Matrix
Color Fill Tab 1 XYZ.png
Color Fill Tab 1.png

Front Surface

When enabled, there are two modes for applying color to the front surface.

Fill piece by piece

Use grid lines as the color fill boundary.

Color Fill Tab 2.png

For a general explanation of color lists, see Customizing Data Plot Colors.

For information on Indexing, Direct RGB and Color Mapping, see Using a Dataset to Control Plot Color.

Fill to Contour Lines control

Color Fill Tab 3.png


When the surface is created from XYZ data, you can select another column as colormap to fill color to contour lines. If check Self check box, the current Z column will be used as colormap to fill the surface; clear the Self check box, you can select another column(except the current Z column) in current worksheet as colormap.

Contour fill from matrix

When the surface is created from matrix object, you can specify a matrix to fill color to contour lines. Note that you can choose any matrix object in the matrix using the drop-down list; or enable Self to use values in the current matrix object.

Back Color

Specify the back color from the color list.

Fill back surface.png


Checking the Auto check box causes the transparency setting to follow the setting in the Surface tab.

Uncheck Auto to adjust the transparency manually.