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2.1.1 Origin Central


The Origin Central dialog helps users get started with Origin. It opens upon launching Origin

To open Origin Central
Select Help: Origin Central from Origin menu
Press F11 key


Creating a New Workbook or Matrixbook

Choose Blank Workbook or Blank Matrixbook from the Open section to create a new workbook or matrixbook with customized settings.

Opening Graph and Analysis Samples

Choose Graph Samples or Analysis Samples from the Open section to view samples Origin provides.

A lot of graphing and analysis samples are provided, you can pick the graph thumbnail(for graph samples), or choose from the list box (for analysis samples), double click on it. It will only open the corresponding folder with instruction. You can replace with your data to see how graph and analysis update

You can search graph samples by typing keywords and phrases in the Search box

Opening Existing Files

The Open Existing Files section enables you to open recent projects, books, and graphs.

The Projects tab of Origin Central dialog gives you quick access to recently opened Origin projects. Also projects that you recently edited but did not save, are listed under Unsaved Files, allowing you to recover the edited version.

Notes: You can decided whether to save the unsaved files from the Options dialog

Finding Apps

Apps from the Resources section will guide you how to find and install Apps.

Getting Started with Origin

The Learning Center in the Resources section provides list of tutorials and videos to help user get start with Origin.

Transferring User Files

The Transfer User Files button in the bottom enable you to move files from your previous User Files Folder to your new Folder.


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