The (Options) Page Tab

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Copy/Export Page Settings Group

This group primarily controls the image copied to clipboard when using the Edit:Copy Page / Edit:Copy Graph as Image...menu command on a graph window or layout page. A few of the settings (Size Factor, Margin Control) also affect default settings for exporting graphs. However the graph export dialog provides easy way to override defaults and use custom settings based on a theme file.

Copy Page
Copy OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) Object to clipboard.
  • Size Factor (%)
Controls the size of the page. The units are as a percent of the original page size (set to 40 for 40%, etc.). This default ratio is 100%. Please note, when you copy the page and paste it into another application such as MS Word, the page might be scaled down as oversized during pasting according to the rule of Word.
Copy Graph as Image...
Open dialog to select image settings.
Margin Control

This value controls the amount of the graph page that is copied/exported. The graph page is identified by that area which, by default, is the white background of your graph. The "bounding box"† used in the Border and Tight modes is page specific.

  • Border: copy/export the page within the bounding box plus add the border that is specified in the Clip Border Width combination box. Bounding box will include any objects that exist outside of the graph page
  • Tight: copy/export the page within the bounding box. Differs from Tight in Page in that the bounding box will be drawn to include objects outside of the graph page.
  • Page: copy/export the entire page (the white area) in the graph window.
  • Tight in Page: use a tight bounding box around all elements that are positioned fully/more than 50% area within the graph page.

On occasion, an object exists somewhere outside the graph page (for example, a text object that has been created, dragged off the page, and forgotten). When Margin Control is set to Border or Tight, Origin draws the bounding box around all objects on the graph, including unseen objects that may be located outside the page. This has the effect of shrinking the exported graph. If you copy your graph and paste to another application and the pasted graph looks much smaller than it should, try setting Margin Control to Tight in Page, save the option, and try copying and pasting again.

†Note: Starting with Origin 2018, you can both (1) view the bounding box and (2) affect the size of the bounding box, using the Export Margin Offset dialog box.

Copy (Ctrl+C) By default, using Ctrl+C key to copy graph, it will copy graph as image. You can change the hot key operation to Copy Page in this download list.

Grid Spacing in Pixels Group


Type or select the desired value from this combination box to set the spacing of the Layer grid lines. The spacing unit is 1/500 of the layer.

Note: To view the grid lines, select View: Show: Layer Grid, or click the Show Grids button Popup Show Grids.png in the Graph Page Mini Toolbar.

Dark Mode Auto Color

Specify the Background and Foreground color for the Graph and Layout globally, when the window is set to Dark Mode. If it toggle to Dark Mode, Background and Foreground color will change to these specified color.

If the page background color is customize in the Display tab of Plot Details dialog, the page background color will follow the setting in Plot Details dialog priority.

Dynamic Color Reversal

When the Graph window in Dark Mode, the plots and objects color in the graph will be reversed. You can use this control to decide whether the color should be reversed when turn on Dark Mode, which is similar with the System Variable @DCR.

  • No: Disable color reversal
  • Black only: Only Black color reversed
  • Black and White: Only Black/White color reversed
  • Gray Colors: All gray colors reversed
  • All Colors: All colors reversed
  • Customized: Follow the Dark Mode Color Mapping worksheet color list

If choosing Customized, choose Preferences: Dark Mode Color Mapping to customize the color mapping.

If choosing Black Only, show Foreground Color related control.

Note: If you use Colormap in the plot, it will not reverse color in any situation.