29.7.6 Multiple Panels by Label Graph

Multiple panels by label 01.png

Data Requirements

Select at least one Y column of values (or a range from at least one column). For each Y column, if there is an associated X column, X column supplies X values; otherwise, sampling interval of the Y column or row number is used.

Creating the Graph

Select the required data.

Select Plot > Multi-Panel/Axis : Multiple Panels by Label....


Click the Multiple Panels by Label... button on the 2D Graphs toolbar.

Multiple panels by label 02.png

Origin opens the plotbylabel dialog box.

Multiple panels by label 03.png

Specify the Group By, Plot Type, Graph Template, Panel Arrangement and Panel Spacing for the selected data sets. Click OK to generate the plot. For more information about this dialog, please refer to this page.


MGROUPS.OTPU (installed to the Origin program folder).


  • Beginning with Origin 2022, if you have multiple continues X columns and then one adjacent Y column, such as XXXY columns, you can select Select from Worksheet by X from the flyout menu to select multiple XY ranges as input.
    Multiple panels by label 04.png
  • The multiple panels by label graph contains multiple layers. The number of layers is decided by the number of groups of the input data. The input data are grouped according to the column label row or X columns that is chosen for the Group By.
  • Beginning with Origin 2018b, you can use the Plot Details Common Display controls for simultaneous editing of layer, plot and axis properties in a multi-layer graph. For more information, see The (Plot Details) Layers tab controls.
  • Since Origin 2021b, you are allowed to specify a graph template by using the Graph Template control to apply the formats saved with the template on the panels. By default, the built-in template mgroups.optu will be used on the panels.