5.2.2 The Matrixbook Organizer

There are three auxiliary panels that can be shown with the matrix window.

The Organizer

Matrix book organizer.png
  • The Organizer can be used to view and change the Short Name, Long Name and Comments for the matrixbook.
  • You can choose to view matrix data in data mode or image mode.
  • When a file (image, ASCII, etc.) is imported to the matrix, you can view information related to the imported file.
  • You can add a user tree in the Organizer for storing additional information.

The Script Panel

Matrix script panel.png

The Script Panel is used to save script commands with a matrix or a matrix template. When the Execute All button is clicked, the script in the script panel will be executed. If Script Execution is enabled (you can enable or disable this feature by right-click on the Script Panel and selecting from the short-cut menu), you can also execute a command by typing it in the Script Panel and pressing the Enter key.

A command history is saved in the Script Panel and keeps track of the commands that have been executed.

The Objects Image Thumbnails

Matrix image thumbs.png

Displaying Matrix Objects Image Thumbnails is useful when there are multiple matrix objects in the same matrixsheet.

  • Compare images in different matrix objects.
  • Switch between matrix objects by clicking on a thumbnail.