6.9 Importing Data from a Database

Video Image.png See more related video:Import Data from a Database

Origin provides the interface below for building database queries for importing:

  • SQL Editor: A simple SQL editor to create connection strings and SQL queries with an option to include LabTalk substitution.
  • Click the Open SQL Editor button on Database Access toolbar to start a new database connection. Or click File: Database Import: New... menu.

Actually, for the earlier versions before Origin 2020, there is another interface for user to use:

  • Query Builder: A graphical query builder that helps users create complex queries.

Generally speaking, the SQL Editor is for users more fluent in SQL, while the Query Builder is helpful to those who are not familiar with SQL syntax.

As this interface is only available in 32 bit Origin, meanwhile since Origin 2020, we no longer offer 32-bit versions of Origin/OriginPro, the Query Builder is not available any more.

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