Import Wizard, The User-Defined Filters Page (User-Defined)

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Learn about how to create a Python-based Import Filter.

Use this page to specify either Python code or an Origin C file to import the data file. If Python is chosen, the code can ether be added via direct entry or via a link to an external Python file.

User Defined Filters Page.png

User-Defined Filters Controls

Python Code

Directly enter the Python code into the box to perform the import. Learn more about Python in Origin .

Python File

Enter the path of the Python file you want to perform the data import. You may specify:

  • An absolute file path.
  • A file path relative to your User Files folder.
  • Just a file name if the file is in your User Files folder.
Origin C
  • Source File
    Enter the path to the Origin C source file.
    The default path for the Origin C file is assumed to be under the \OriginC subfolder of your Origin installation folder. You could specify an absolute path (such as d:\myfiles\myfunction). However, this is not recommended in cases where you intend to share your custom function and import filter with others.
    Two relative file paths (<User Files Folder> and ) are available in the drop-down list to help you simplify entering the file path.
  • Function Name
    Name the function (Referred to Origin C Source File) to be used in processing/importing your data to the target window.