20.8 Publishing and Exporting Images

Origin allows you to export images for publication. You can save image files in the following formats:

Image Type Extension
Bitmap *.bmp
Graphics Interchange Format *.gif
Joint Photographic Experts Group *.jpg
Zsoft PC Paintbrush Bitmap *.pcx
Portable Network Graphics *.png
Truevision Targa *.tga
Adobe Photoshop *.psd
Tag Image File *.tif

To export an active image:

Select File: Export: Image from Origin menu. This opens the imageExp dialog.
Select a file type in the Save as type drop-down list and specify the file name. Check before :Show Options Dialog if you want to specify more options, and then click the Save button.
If the Show Options Dialog checkbox is selected in Step 2, the dialog of the expImage X-Function should be opened and you can specify the export options in it and then click the OK button to export the image.