20.9 Operation in Workbook

In Origin 8, it is possible to embed images into worksheet cells. (See the Importing Images section for details on how to insert images into worksheet.) Placing an image from an external file into a worksheet cell allows multiple image processing operations/X-Functions to address the cell, working with them as input and output for the operation. Additional cells may be placed in the worksheet in order to add comments and errata, thereby keeping all image versions and supplemental data together in a single worksheet.

Double-clicking an image in a worksheet cell opens the image in a temporary matrix workbook for further processing. Upon completion, closing this temporary matrix workbook sends the modified image back to the worksheet cell.

Worksheet cells can also be referred to directly using image processing dialogs and also from the command window, with commands such as:

imgRGBsplit 2[1] 2[2] 3[2] 4[2];

The above script takes image in Row 1 of Column 2, performs RGB split and places the R, G, B components into Row 2 of Column 2, Row 2 of Column 3 and Row 2 of Column 4.