29.18.8 Heatmap with Split Tiles

Heatmap with Split Tiles 01.png

Data Requirements

Worksheet: Select XYZZZ... /XYZXYZ... columns (full or subrange); XYY... columns as virtual matrix.

Matrix Sheet: A matrix sheet with multiple objects.

Creating the Graph

  1. Activate a worksheet with virtual matrix data, or XYZXYZ.../XYZZ... columns, or a matrix sheet with multiple objects.
  2. From the menu choose Plot > Contour: Heatmap with Split Tiles.

Source Data : Virtual Matrices

If plotting from a worksheet with virtual matrices(no Z columns there), the plotmultivm dialog box that opens:

Heatmap with Split Tiles plotmultivm.png

Three options for Data Type:

  • Multiple Sheets: You can select multiple sheets as Input; All sheets should have same dimension; X values and Y values should be stored in same postion of sheets and with same values.
  • Multiple Ranges in Same Sheet:You can select multiple data blocks with same dimension in same worksheet as multiple input vritual matrices. To select these blocks, you need keep pressing Ctrl key to highlight them separately.
  • Existing Virtual Matrices: You can select multiple virtual matrices; choose Select Virtual Matrices... under the fly-out menu of Input box will open Virtual Matrix Manager.
    Heatmap with Split Tiles 02.png

Once you selected the Input Data, the other settings in this dialog are similar with the controls in plotvm dialog.

Source Data : XYZZ... or XYZXYZ...

If plotting from multiple XYZ columns or XYZZ... columns, the plot_heatmapxyz dialog box that opens:

Heatmap with Split Tiles Plot heatmapxyz.png

Note: This dialog makes no difference for Heatmap and Heatmap with Split Tiles created from XYZ dataset. Multiple Z columns will be plotted into same heatmap cell as pieces.

Source Data: Matrix sheet with multiple objects

If you stored the source data in multiple matrix objects in a matrix sheet, selecting Plot > Contour: Heatmap with Split Tiles will plot a Heatmap with Split Tiles directly with values at same location from different objects dividing the same heatmap cell.




This plot is an advanced variant of Heatmap, which supports to plot grouped heatmap in same cell.