8.1 Basic Graph Window Operations

Origin supports over 100 chart types.

  • The graph window is the primary container for each of these chart types.
  • Each of these 100+ chart types uses a built-in, user-modifiable graph template to create the chart (some graph types may share a template).
  • Each graph window is comprised of a single, editable graph page.
  • The graph page must contain at least one -- and may contain up to 1024 -- graph layers.
  • Each graph layer is associated with a set of graph axes, though axes can be hidden or in some cases shared by two or more layers.

Opening a new graph window

To open a new 2D graph window:

1. Click the New Graph Button New Graph.png button on the Standard toolbar.

Unless modified by the user, this button opens a basic XY 2D graph window, based on the Origin.otp template. Data can be added directly to this template to plot Line, Symbol, Line + Symbol and Column/Bar charts -- using the Plot Setup dialog box or by drag-and-drop.

Note that many graph types do not support opening an empty template, then adding data (e.g. box plots). This is because a certain amount of data processing must occur before the graph can be created. The usual method for creating such graphs is for you to (1) select your data (must be appropriate to the plot type) and then (2) plot by selecting the graph type from the Plot menu or by clicking a button on one of the graphing toolbars.

Graph templates and graph customization

As previously noted, all Origin graphs are based on user-modifiable graph template files that are installed with the Origin software. The graph template stores information about graph page size, number of graph layers, graph axis configuration, plot style and colors, etc. For more information about what is and isn't stored with the graph template, see What is Saved with the Graph Template?

For information on basic graphing and graph customization, see these topics:

Notes window for Graph window

  • Active a Graph window and click the small button Show Notes on the upper right corner of Object Manager, you can open the Note window for the activated Graph window.
Show Notes for Graph.png
  • Active a Graph window and click the small button hide Notes on the upper right corner of Object Manager to hide the Notes window.
Hide Notes for Graph.png