8.15 Graph with Browser Panel

Window-view Graph with Browser can be used to selectively plot of datasets from worksheets containing a large number of columns. The Browser Graph has a panel on the left-side of the window that is used to select available data (chosen randomly or by pattern), control rescale on data change, set a common display range for all plots, or remove plots.

Graph Browser 01.png

To plot a browser graph:

  • Activate the source worksheet, highlight some columns or highlight nothing to select Plot> Browser: Black Lines/Color Lines/Histogram

Listing Plots by Data Info

List the plots by data info, including Data Range, Short Name, Long Name, Comments, Book or Sheet.

You can right-click on the column header to add and remove the columns.
Graph With Browser Panel 01.png

Click on any column header to reorder plots according to current data information in the ascending order or descending order.

Browser Window Controls

Graph With Browser Panel 02.png

Selecting Plots

Select or unselect plots. You can select one menu item to select all plots, unselect all plots, select every 5th plots, select every 10th plots or select every Nth plots.

Auto Rescale Mode

Specify the auto rescale mode, do not auto-rescale, only auto-rescale the Y axis or auto-rescale all axes.

Common Display Range

Specify whether uses the smallest data range in all plots as common display range to display all data points in this range for all plots.

This mini tutorial will show you how the Common Display Range works:

  1. Import the sample file "<Origin program folder>\Samples\Graphing\Waterfall.dat" into a new workbook.
  2. Select the first row and right-click to select "Set as Lone Name" context menu.
  3. Highlight all columns to select Plot> Browser: Color Lines to plot a browser graph.
  4. Click the arrow button at the left-top corner of the graph window to make sure the Common Display Range has been selected.
  5. Select the first plot "600" in the left panel and then select Data:Edit Range to set the range as below:
    Graph With Browser Panel 03.png
  6. Click other plots in the left panel, you will see the display range of all these plots have been set to the customized range above.

This menu item works same as the LabTalk command "layer.commonrange=1;".

Removing Plots

Once you have selected some plots, you can use this menu item to remove the selected plots or unselected plots.

Adding All Columns

Add all columns in 1st Plot Sheet to the browser graph. If you have removed some plots and wanted to add them back, you can use this option to get all plots back.

General Operations on Graph/Layer/Plots

All graphing operations can be performed on the displaying plot(s) in the right graph panel, including customize the axes in the Axis dialog, set the plot styles for the plot(s) and do settings on the layer and graph level in the Plot Details dialog. And, the mini toolbars are also available for this kind of graph.

And, just like the general graphs, you can open the analysis dialogs/tools to perform further data exploration.

Two things need be noted are

  • Once you done plot selection in the left panel, the Plot Details dialog will persisted the selection in the left panel tree.
  • The Object Manager will only show the graph and layer tree nodes, hide all plots.