10.1.5 Drawing or Moving, or Deleting Data Points

This collection of tools and menu-driven operations provides functions which may be helpful in exploring certain "what if" scenarios.

  • Use the Draw Data tool to hand draw a 2D scatter plot. A hidden worksheet of corresponding XY coordinate values is simultaneously created. For more information, see Creating a Data Plot Using the Draw Data Tool.This procedure works only with 2D scatter plots.
  • You are allowed to move data points of 2D scatter one by one to arbitrary places within the layer to reconstitute the data plot, using the Data: Move Data Points command. For more information, see Moving a Data Point.
    Please note, 1)once you select the Data: Move Data Points menu with the 2D line graph activated, the plot type of active curve will be changed to scatter; 2) for some other plot types, such as column or bar, select this menu, you will get a attention message to ask you if you want to enable moving these data points. Same for the multi-panel graph sharing same X data.
  • You can delete individual data points from your 2D scatter plot using the Remove Bad Data Points menu command. Workbook data are adjusted accordingly. This procedure works only with 2D scatter plots. For more information, see Deleting a Data Point.