6.5.3 Data Navigator

The Data Navigator is a collapsible panel that is automatically added to the workbook when you connect to multi-page files such as Excel, MATLAB or Origin Projects.

Help data navigator overview.png

Connecting to Multi-page Files

  1. With a workbook or matrixbook active, click Data: Connect to File and browse to your multi-page file.
  2. In the dialog that opens, choose the sheet, array, etc. that you want to import and click OK.
  3. Note that whether you are importing data into a workbook or matrixbook, only the first sheet, array, etc. will be imported.
  4. To import another sheet, array, etc in the book, right-click on the dimmed object in the Data Navigator panel and Add and Connect Sheet(s).

Example: Connect to Multi-page Excel File

  1. Start with a new workbook and choose Data: Connect to File: Excel.
  2. Browse to <Origin Program Folder>\Samples\Import and Export\United States Energy (1980-2013).xls and click Open.
  3. Leave Oil as the Excel Sheet, Main header lines = 0, then check Column Labels. Set Long Names = 3, Units = 4, Comments From = 1 and Comments To = 2 and click OK. Note that, at this point, we have only connected to the Oil sheet.
  4. Right-click on the dimmed Natural Gas sheet and Add and Connect Sheet(s).

OHelp Connect Excel Sheets.png

This adds a new Natural Gas tab to the workbook and connects to the data in the Excel sheet.

OHelp Connect Excel Sheets 2.png

Note: Data brought in using Connectors are locked from editing and will not be saved with the project file, by default, if the import file size ≥ 500kB. See these topics: