27.1 Themes

A Theme stores a set of Origin object properties for repeat use. There are five kinds of Themes in Origin: Graph, Worksheet, System Increment Lists and Dialog (analysis Themes) and Function .

  • Graph and Worksheet Themes are similar: both store properties such as size, color, etc. Such Themes can be used to quickly customize the appearance of one or more graphs or worksheets.
  • System Increment Lists are a subset of Graph Themes used to control those plot properties that might increment with each datapoint or dataset (e.g plot color or symbol shape within a plot group).
  • Dialog Themes store the current settings of an import or analysis dialog, for repeat use. This allows you to duplicate your actions with other data, perhaps at a much later time, without having to remember and recreate the same dialog box settings.
  • Function Themes can be created when defining 2D or 3D function plots. A Function Theme contains the grid and scale settings and the relevant mathematical expression(s) for the newly-created plot. Function Themes may be recalled later to recreate the same plot.

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