29.18.1 Color Fill Contour

A Note about Contour Graphs-01.png

Data Requirements

  • Worksheet:
  • Select at least one Z column (or a range from at least one Z column). If the Z column has associated XY columns, then the XY columns are used; otherwise, the worksheet's default XY values are used.


  • Matrix: A matrix sheet. Multi-object sheet is supported.


  • Image: An Image window. Multi-frame image is supported. Refer to this page below to see how to flip through all frames.

Creating the Graph

Activate the required data.

From the menu, choose Plot > Contour, Heatmap : Contour - Color Fill.


Click the Contour - Color Fill button on the 3D and Contour Graphs toolbar.

Color Fill Contour Graphs 01.png

Please see more details on creating and customizing Color Fill Contour in the 3D and Contour Graphing chapter.






(All installed to the Origin program folder).


  • Ranges of Z values are denoted on an XY grid using contour lines and fill colors from a color map.
  • Contour plots from worksheet supports user-defined boundaries. To set contour plot boundaries, open the Plot Details dialog and go to the Contouring Info tab.
  • You can extract contour line data by right-clicking on selected contour lines and choosing Extract Contour Lines. See this topic for details.
  • Click twice (do not double-click) on a contour line and popup a Mini Toolbar for single-level customization.
UG MT contour single level custom.png
  • When the contour plot is created from a matrix, layer size is a function of the ratio between Xmax - Xmin and Ymax - Ymin and the layer's Link Axis Length to Scale with X:Y Ratio option is set to 1, by default.