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24.5 Code Builder

Code Builder is the Origin C integrated development environment. It provides standard tools for writing, compiling, and debugging Origin C programs and LabTalk scripts. To open Code Builder, click the View: Code Builder menu item or click the Button Code Builder.png button on the Standard toolbar or press Alt+4. Everything you need to develop your Origin C programs or LabTalk scripts is in this window:

Code Builder 01.png
  • Menu bar and Toolbars:
The upper panel is the interface where Code Builder provides all its commands and options.
For further information please refer to Menu Items Toolbars and Status Bar.
  • Windows:
The middle panel is the main working space where you can organize and develop your Origin C programs as well as debug your LabTalk scripts.
For further information please refer to Workspace text editor and other windows.
For debugging LabTalk scripts please refer to Debug LabTalk Scripts.
  • Status bar:
The lower panel contains information of your Code Builder such as position information of the cursor.
For further information please refer to Menu Items, Toolbars and Status Bar.

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