27.12.1 Window-view Browser Graph

Browser Graph.png

Data Requirements

Select at least one Y columns of values (or a range from at least one columns). If there is an associated X column, X column supplies X values; otherwise, sampling interval of the Y column or row number is used.

Creating the Graph

Select required data.

From the menu,select Plot > Browser: Black Lines/Color Lines/Histogram.


BBLINE.OTP; BCLine.OTP; BHISTO.OTPU(installed to the Origin program folder).


  • New "Window View" graph for plotting from a worksheet that has a large number of columns.
  • List columns by Short Name, Long Name, Comments, or User Parameters.
  • Supported plot types include Black Line, Colored Line and Histogram, all customizable via Plot Details.
  • Browser window controls for: Plot every Nth column; select or unselect all columns; auto rescale in Y dimension, rescale all, or no rescale; common display range for all plots, add all columns from sheet.
  • Browser window support for Mini Toolbars and Gadgets.

For more detailed information, please refer to the page "Graph With Browser Panel".