8.7 Adding Data Labels and Error Bars

There are numerous options for adding labels and error bars to your plot:

  • The oldest and simplest method is to pre-designate worksheet columns containing labels or error-bars and then select them in the worksheet along with XY datasets, before choosing your plot type.
  • For most 2D plots, you can add labels after the plot is created simply by opening Plot Details, going to the dataset's Label tab, then enabling and formatting your labels.
  • You can add data labels to many plots by selecting the plot in the graph window, then clicking the Show Data Labels button on the Mini Toolbar that pops up.
  • You can add error bars to a simple 2D graph by selecting your data, then clicking Plot: Basic 2D:, then Y Error or XY Error; or by clicking the corresponding toolbar button.
  • You can also create plots using the Plot Setup dialog box, in which case, you can designate your label or error bar datasets in the dialog itself. This option is not covered in this section but you can find more information here.

Topics covered in this section: