1.4.5 OA Wks-PutWave


Send 1D array of waveforms to an Origin worksheet starting from 1st column. Waveform attributes are extracted to put into Column labels and Sampling Intervals.

Connector Pane

OA Wks-PutWave.png

Controls and Indicators

CI num c.jpg First Col Index is the index of the first column that will be used to put the dynamic data. It is zero offset. And default value is 0.
CI ref c.jpg Origin.Worksheet is a reference to Origin.Worksheet.
DynamicdataOut.png Dynamic Data is the data will put into Origin worksheet.
BoolOut.png Append to exsiting data in... decides whether the Dynamic Data will be appended to esiting data in the worksheet.
CI err c.jpg error in(no error) contains error information that occur before this VI or function runs.
CI ref i.jpg Origin.Worksheet Dup is a duplication of the inputed worksheet.
CI err i.jpg error IO contains error information.
Note: This VI is available since Origin 8 SR4.