3.5.8 Lookup and Reference


Name Brief Example
Cell(r, c) Gets or sets values in the active worksheet or matrix. Indicate the row number and column number in parentheses. Example
Col(c) Refers to the dataset in a worksheet column, to a cell in the column, or to the column headers. Example
Wcol(x) Can be used either on the left side or on the right side of an assignment. Example

Lookup and Dataset Information

Name Brief Example
Category(dataset) Returns a list of categories in a categorical column. Example
Catindex(dataset) Returns the category index for each element of a categorical column. Example
Catrows(dataset) Returns a pipe-separated list of all row indices by category for a categorical column. Example
Cattext(n,dataset) the nth category value of a categorical column. Example
colnum Returns the column position number of the column specified by colName. Example
Errof(dataset) Returns the dataset (error column) containing the error values of dataset. Example
Findmasks(dataset) Returns a dataset that contains the indexes of the masked data points. Example
Firstpoint(dataset) Return the first value of dataset. Example
hasx(dataset) Returns 1 if dataset is plotted against an X dataset in the active layer. If not, this function returns 0. Example
Index Returns the index of x in a strictly monotonic dataset. Example
IsMasked(index, dataset) Returns the number of masked points in dataset if index = 0. Example
Lastpoint(dataset) Return the last value of dataset. Example
List(value, dataset) Returns the index number in dataset where value first occurs. Example
lookup(str$, vs, vref[, option, Case]), lookup(str$, vs, vref[, option, Case])$ Finds a string pattern str within a vector vs and returns a value with the same index in another vector vref. Example
NameOf Get the actual internal dataset name from a range string.
Plotdata(index, designation, rowNum, colNum) Return the designated dataset of the index number plot at (rowNum, colNum) panel of the active layer Example
Table(vd, vref, d[.option])

Table(vd, vref$, d[.option])

Searches a numeric value d in dataset vd and returns the value in vref whose index number is the same as d in vd. Example
Unique(vs[, Sort, Occurrence) Returns a vector of the unique values in vs. Example
Xindex(x, dataset) Returns the index number of the cell in the X dataset associated with dataset, where the cell value is closest to x. Example
Xof(dataset) Returns the X values of a named dataset or range. Example
Xvalue(i, dataset) Returns the corresponding X value for dataset at row number i in the active worksheet. Example