3.5.10 Logical

Name Brief Example
BitAND(int a, int b) Returns bitwise AND operation of two integers. Example
BitOR(int a, int b) Returns bitwise OR operation of two integers. Example
BitXOR Returns bitwise XOR operation of two integers. Example
Return the specified values depending on the result of comparison. Example
Evaluate a value to multiple conditions, and return the corresponding value when the first TRUE condition is met. Example
IfNA(double value, string value_na$)$ Returns the specified string if the result of the given formula is missing, otherwise return the string display of the result of the formula. Example
Compare a value expression to a set of values. If match is found, return the corresponding value. If no match is found, default value will be returned. Example
xor(n1,n2) Returns XOR operation of two logical values n1 and n2. Example