1.2.1 Plotting

Plotting Matrix as Contour Plot

Excel VBA

In this example, we take a range from excel sheet1, put the data into an Origin MatrixObject and create a new contour plot.

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
    Const nrows = 5
    Const ncols = 4
    Dim app As Origin.Application
    Dim mobj As Origin.MatrixObject
    Dim matrixLayer As Origin.matrixSheet
    Dim excelRange As Excel.range
    Set app = New Origin.ApplicationSI
    'Add a new MatrixPage which will have by default a MtrixSteet with one MatrixObject
    Set matrixLayer = app.MatrixPages.Add("Origin").Layers(0)
    Set mobj = matrixLayer.MatrixObjects(0)
    matrixLayer.Cols = ncols
    matrixLayer.Rows = nrows
    'Copy a range to the new Matrix
    Set excelRange = Worksheets("Sheet1").range("A1:D5")
    mobj.SetData (excelRange.Value)
    Dim dp As Origin.DataPlot
    Dim dr As Origin.DataRange
    Dim glay As Origin.GraphLayer
    'plot the data
    Set dr = matrixLayer.NewDataRange(0)
    Set glay = app.GraphPages.Add("Contour").Layers(0) 'Add a graph page with the template "Contour"
    Set dp = glay.DataPlots.Add(dr, IDM_PLOT_CONTOUR) 'Plot the range as a contour plot
End Sub


In the program, we generate a datarange from matrixobject and create a new contour plot on a new graphlayer

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using Origin;

namespace COMExampleCSharp
    class Program
        public void check()
            Origin.IOApplication pOrigin;
            pOrigin = new Origin.ApplicationCOMSIClass(); //connect to COM-exclusive Origin instance
            pOrigin.Visible = Origin.MAINWND_VISIBLE.MAINWND_SHOW; //make it visible
            Origin.MatrixSheet ms;
            Origin.MatrixObject mo;
            Origin.GraphLayer gl;

            ms = (Origin.MatrixSheet)pOrigin.MatrixPages.Add("Origin", null).Layers.Add(null, null, null, null, null);
            mo = ms.MatrixObjects[0];
            int nCols = ms.Cols;
            int nRows = ms.Rows;
            double [,] data = new double[nRows, nCols];
            for ( int ii = 0; ii < nRows; ii++)
                for( int jj = 0; jj < nCols; jj++)
                    data[ii,jj] = Math.Sin(ii/3.14) + Math.Cos(jj/2.03);
            mo.SetData(data, 0, 0);
            Origin.DataRange dr;
            dr = ms.NewDataRange(0); //create datarange from the first matrixobject
            gl = (Origin.GraphLayer)pOrigin.GraphPages.Add("Contour", null).Layers.Add("", null, null, null, null);
            gl.DataPlots.Add(dr, Origin.PLOTTYPES.IDM_PLOT_CONTOUR);
            gl.Activate(); //activate it for view
            System.Console.ReadKey(); //press key will disconnect from Origin
        static void Main(string[] args)
            Program p = new Program();

Plotting Worksheet XYZ columns as a Contour Plot

Excel VBA

In this example, you will fill A,B,C columns in the Excel sheet with XYZ data and we will transfer those data to an Origin worksheet and plot a triangular contour graph.

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
    Dim app As Origin.Application
    Dim wks As Origin.Worksheet
    Set app = New Origin.ApplicationSI
    'Add a WorksheetPage, which will have one Worksheet by default
    Set wks = app.WorksheetPages.Add().Layers(0)
    Dim bRet As Boolean
    Dim ii As Integer
    Dim exlRange As Excel.range
    'Copy col A,B,C from excel to Origin Wks as XYZ columns
    'col A1 in Excel -> col(1) in Origin
    For ii = 1 To 3
        Set exlRange = Worksheets("Sheet1").Columns(ii)
        bRet = wks.SetData(exlRange.Value, 0, ii - 1)
    'set column designations in Origin first before we can plot them
    wks.Columns(0).Type = COLTYPE_X
    wks.Columns(1).Type = COLTYPE_Y
    wks.Columns(2).Type = COLTYPE_Z
    Dim glay As Origin.GraphLayer
    Dim dr As Origin.DataRange
    Dim dp As Origin.DataPlot
    'create a new graph page using TriContour template
    Set glay = wks.Application.GraphPages.Add("TriContour").Layers(0)
    Set dr = wks.NewDataRange(0, 0, -1, 2) 'create range to be plotted, all rows,A,B,C
    Set dp = glay.DataPlots.Add(dr, IDM_PLOT_XYZ_CONTOUR)
End Sub