4.6 GeoTIFF Export


The GeoTIFF Export app is to export matrix objects in a matrix sheet as GeoTIFF format files in a time. It is useful for exporting processed analysis results of GIS data as GeoTIFF images.

For more details of netcdf and geotiff files importing and processing, please refer to the pages below


  1. Choose menu Help: Learning Center to open the Learning Center dialog
  2. Type climate in the Search text box and choose the image below to open the sample file in Origin
    LC climate.png
  3. In the matrix window there are yearly average data from 2006 to 2016, which are calculated from a NC file during importing. Activate the window
  4. Click on the GeoTIFF Export icon GeoTIFF Export icon.png from the Apps Gallery.
  5. In the opened dialog, all 11 objects in the matrix sheet will be automatically selected. Modify the Base Directory to be <User Files Folder>/air. Change Angular Units to be Degree click OK botoon
    Geotiff export dlg.png
  6. Each matrix object will be exported as a GeoTIFF file
    Exported tiff.png