1.8 Treemap Plot


This Treemap Plot App can be used to create a treemap plot of numeric and/or categorical data. Label, size, ordering and color of the blocks can be assigned to different data columns.


  1. Download this TreemapBlog.zip file. Open the TreemapBlog.opj in this zip file.
  2. Active the 1960 sheet in the TreemapData2 Workbook. Here, Age column (Column E) is set as Categorical.
    Treemap Plot 01.png
  3. Click the Treemap Plot icon Treemap Plot icon.png in the Apps Gallery window to open the dialog.
  4. In the dialog, set Age column as the Column for Label, the Value column as the Column for Size, the Age column as Column for Ordering, and the Value column as Column for Coloring. The dialog settings is shown as below.
    Treemap Plot 02.png
  5. Click OK. A Treemap plot is created with a new worksheet.
  6. Double click on the Treemap plot to open the Plot Details dialog. Go to Colormap tab, you can customize the level and fill color. Set Major Levels to 10 and set Load Palette: Pumpkin Patch as fill color.
    Treemap Plot 03.png
  7. Use MiniTool bar to set Label font size to 12.
    Treemap Plot 04.png
  8. Double click on the Color Scale to open the dialog. Go to Label page. In the Display section, uncheck Auto and then select Engineering:1k in the Display drop-down list. Click OK.
    Treemap Plot 05.png
  9. The graph will look like as below.
    Treemap Plot 06.png