2.28 Stats Advisor

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Origin provides several built-in tools for statistical analysis. In addition to these tools, OriginLab also offers several apps for free download from our website. The question then becomes which built-in tools or apps are appropriate for my data. The Stats Advisor app is used to help you pick the most appropriate statistical tool that is best suited for your data, including the tests, the graphs, and the Apps.

To find statistical Apps, select menu Tools: App Center or Statistics: Find Apps, and search stats in the App Center dialog.


  1. With a new workbook active, select menu Data: Connect to File: Text/CSV. Browse to Origin’s sample folder and select data file \Samples\Statistics\nitrogen.txt. Import with default settings.
    Stats Advisor App 01.png
    Here is nitrogen absorption data from 4 plant types. We would like to study the variance and mean across plant species.
  2. To determine which tool or app should be used, activate the worksheet and then click Statis Advisor icon Stats Advisor icon.png from Apps Gallery, or select menu Statistics: Stats Advisor to launch the app's dialog box.
  3. This app dialog asks a set of questions in order to understand your data. It then comes up with recommendations of tools or apps that are available in Origin. In this case,
    • What do you want to do? Compare means/medians.
      The second panel shows a set of follow-up questions.
    • What do you want to compare? Compare means or medians.
    • Does the test assume data are normally distributed? Yes.
    • How many groups are there? This data has four species of plants and so we choose One group with more than two levels.
    • Does each subject contain more than one treatment? No.
      Origin then recommends three different tools: One-Way ANOVA, Power and Sample Site Tests One-Way ANOVA which is available with OriginPro. And a free Paired Comparison Plot App.
    Stats Advisor App 02.png
  4. We will first select One-Way ANOVA. Click Open Dialog button to launch the tool. Choose Factor to be col(A)”plant” and Data to be col(B)”nitrogen” . Click OK to perform the analysis.
    Stats Advisor App 03.png

    You can click the minimum button 🗕 to minimize the dialog and move it out of the way so we can look at the report sheet from the One-Way ANOVA tool.

  5. Now let’s click the minimum button again to return to the Stats Advisor dialog and try the third option, Paired Comparison Plot app. If this app is not installed onto your Origin yet an Install App button will appear. Select this button to download and install the app. If this app is already installed, click Open Dialog button to open it.
    Stats Advisor App 04.png
  6. In the Paired comparison plot app dialog that opens, assign Data Column to col(B)”nitrogen” and Group Columns to col(A)”plant” . Click OK.
    Stats Advisor App 05.png
    A plot is created which displays the mean absorption for the full species. We can quickly conclude from the Tukey Test that plant 4 has a significantly different mean than to plant 1, 2 and 3.
    Stats Advisor App 06.png