2.47 Standard Curve Analysis(Pro)


This Standard Curve Analysis app can be used to fit a standard curve like Concentration vs Absorbance. Such a curve can be used to determine concentrations in "unknown" samples with their measured absorbance. This method is commonly used to analyze RIA or ELISA Data.


Step 1: Create new worksheet to input data

  1. Click the Standard Curve Analysis icon from Apps Gallery to open a Standard Curve Analysis toolbar.
    Standard Curve App 1.png
  2. Click first button Create new worksheet to input data button.png to open the dialog.
  3. Since we only have single XY dataset in this example, select Single XY as Standard Curve Type. Fill Concentration and Absorbance for X and Y Column Label, respectively.
    Standard Curve App 2.png
  4. Click OK to create a new worksheet. The new sheet is divided into 2 blocks distinguished by different colors.
  5. Enter following standard curve data in the 1st block.
    Sample Name Concentration Absorbance
    S1 1.2 0.363
    S2 1.4 0.41
    S3 1.6 0.475
    S4 1.8 0.496
    S5 2 0.527
    S6 2.2 0.54
    S7 2.4 0.571
    S8 2.6 0.592
    S9 2.8 0.599
    S10 3 0.608

    Enter following unknown sample data in the 2nd block.

    Sample Name Absorbance
    A1 0.379
    A2 0.422
    A3 0.511
    A4 0.587

Step 2: Perform standard curve analysis

  1. Activate the worksheet created in previous section and click 2nd button Perform standard curve analysis button.png to open the dialog.
  2. In the Input tab, you will find that the standard curve data and unknown sample data are selected as Standard Curve Data and Data to interpolate automatically.
  3. In the Settings tab, let’s select Parabola from Function drop-down list to fit the data. Click Preview button to see the fitting results.
    Standard Curve App 3.png
    Note: If the fitting fails to converge, try to set Upper/Lower Bound, or modify Max Number of Iterations and Tolerance on Fit Control tab.
  4. Optionally, you can select the desired quantities-on-Quantities tab and plots to output on Plots tab.
  5. The fitting looks good so we click OK button to create the report.

Step3: Create an HTML report

  1. Activate the report sheet [Book1]StandardCurveAnl and click 3rd button Activate report sheet and Create HTML report button.png.
    An HTML report will be created.
Standard Curve App 4.png