2.38 Speedy Fit(Pro)

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The App Speedy Fit is used to fit a large number of datasets from a worksheet sequentially and speedily, and create a simple report table of parameter values and fit statistics.


  1. Start this tutorial with the app Speedy Fit installed. If you have not installed this app, please click Add Apps button in Apps Gallery to open App Center to search and install the app.
  2. With the import tool Import Multiple ASCII, import the sample data step01.dat~step12.dat under the folder <Origin Program Folder>\Samples\Curve Fitting\ into a new worksheet.
    Speedy Fit 01.png
  3. Then, in this worksheet, there are 96 pairs of XY data from measurements at different concentrations. Highlight all columns and select Set as: XY XY from context menu to set the column designation.
    Speedy Fit 02.png
  4. Let's see how we can preform a quick fit to this data, with the app Speedy Fit. With the source workbook activated, you can simply launch the app from the right-side Apps Gallery panel.
    Speedy Fit 03.png
  5. The app then picks up the very first data set from the worksheet. You can perform a Linear, Polynomial and Nonlinear Fit. By default, linear fit will be perfromed on the first dataset.
  6. In this case, we are going to perfrom nonlinear fit on all 98 datasets. Swicth to Nonlinear tab, choose Exponential category, and pick Asymptotic1 function.
    Speedy Fit 04.png
    There are also options in this app on how to initialize the data. You can intialize for each dataset, use fit values from previous dataset, or use custom values for all datasets.
    Speedy Fit 05.png
  7. Click Report Settings button to select Fit Parameters and Fit Statistics as needed.
    Speedy Fit 06.png
  8. Click Back button to go back the main dialog. Click Fit Button, you can check and see how the fit is performing. Use the "Next Data" and Previous Data button to flip through your datasets. Stop at any particular one and perform the fit again.
    Speedy Fit 07.png
  9. Once you are satisfied with all of the settings, simply click OK button, and the Fit will be performed very quickly for all of the datasets.
  10. Finally, you will get several sheets added in source workbook, and a result graph window.
    In the workbook, there is a summary sheet "SpeedyFit" with the name of the dataset, the parameter values, and confidence levels. Also there is a "fit Status" column where you can check to see which data sets failed. There are another sheets, "Speedy Fit Curve", "SpeedyFitAllData" and "SpeedyFitAllCurves". Sheet "Speedy Fit Curve" contains an embedded graph which is the source of result graph.
    Speedy Fit 08.png
    The result graph window is created along with many display comtrol buttons to flip through each data set, allowing you to easily examine the fit status and other parameters.
    Speedy Fit 09.png

We hope this app is useful to you. Please try it with your large datasets, and give us feedback.