4.4 Send Graphs to PowerPoint

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The Send Graphs to PowerPoint app is used to send specified graphs to PowerPoint slides. Each graph will be pasted into one slide in the PowerPoint file.

Note: Microsoft Office must be available. If the version of Office is 2007, Office has to be upgraded to SP2.


Download the sample projectsa and unzip the file to get two sample projects and one ppt file.

Send Graphs to an newly-created PPT file

  1. Start this tutorial with the app Send Graphs to PowerPoint installed. If you have not installed this app, please click Add Apps button in Apps Gallery to open App Center to search and install the app.
  2. Open the project "Sample1". In Project Explorer, you can see there are many subfolders and each of which has some graph windows. Select the root folder to export all graphs in this folder.
    Send Graphs to PowerPoint App 01.png
  3. Click the app icon in Apps Gallery to open the app.
    Send Graphs to PowerPoint App 02.png
  4. In the dialog opened, select All in Project for Select Graphs drop-down list and check Add for the Add to Favorites Folder radio box.
    Send Graphs to PowerPoint App 03.png
    Now all the graphs will be listed in left panel and ready to be sent to powerpoint. If you want to remove a graph, you can hover the mouse over the specific graph and the trash icon will appear. Click this Icon and the graph is deleted.
    Send Graphs to PowerPoint App 04.png
  5. Choose to insert the graph as an Embedded Object. Then change the Slide Margin to 20% which will reduce the size of the graph when imported. And keep the aspect the ratio checked.
    Send Graphs to PowerPoint App 05.png
  6. For Title Line radio box, select Top of Slide which will insert a title above the graph, and specify the Title to show the Window Long Name. Enter 1 for Starting Slide Index and select Start New for Slide Mode. Uncheck the box Add Metadata to Alt Text to not use the path text in slide title.
    Send Graphs to PowerPoint App 06.png
  7. Keep the file name and save file empty and click Send button to create the PowerPoint file.
    Send Graphs to PowerPoint App 07.png

You can now take a look at the new PowerPoint presentation that has just created: The first graph starts on slide 1 and that the graph is centered. There is also a title inserted above the graph that references the long name as specified before.
Go back to Origin and take a look in the Project Explorer, there is a Favorites folder that was created. In this folder, you can find all the graphs that were inserted into the PowerPoint presentation.
Send Graphs to PowerPoint App 08.png

Send Graphs to an Exist PPT file

  1. Open the sample project "Sample2". This project has three graphs. We are going to send them to the exist PPT file and insert them into the second slide of the PPT file. The second slide has been customized so that when I insert the graph it will be set to the desired layout.
    Send Graphs to PowerPoint App 09.png
  2. Click the app icon to open the app dialog. The three graphs are already in the Selected Graphs panel. As you can see, Graph 2 is listed after Graph 3, let's drag graph 2 to the right position to re-order them.
    Send Graphs to PowerPoint App 10.png
  3. Insert the graphs as an Embedded Objects, keep the Slide Margin 20% on all sides. This time, select none for the Title Line and enter 2 for Starting Slide Index to insert the graphs into the second slide. For Load File, enter the path for the sample PowerPoint file.
    Send Graphs to PowerPoint App 11.png
  4. Click Send button to send the graphs into the ppt file.
    Send Graphs to PowerPoint App 12.png

Now you can see the PowerPoint presentation that has been edited. There are now three customized slides inserted for each graph. While slide 2 was already inserted, two new customized slides with the same format have been created.