2.19 Overlap Area


The purpose of the Overlap Area App is to calculate the overlapping area between two plots and output a graph of the overlapping area, the two source plots, and the integration results.


  1. With a worksheet window activated, select Data: Connect to File: Text/CSV in the menu to import the sample file <Origin program folder>\Samples\Samples\Curve Fitting\Lorentzian.dat.
  2. Highlight Column B and C, and select Plot: Basic 2D: Line to create lines plot.
    Overlap Area 01.png
  3. Active the Line graph window, and then click on Overlap Area icon Overlap Area icon.png from the Apps panel.
  4. In the Overlap Area dialog, set the Interpolation Point to 2000 in the left panel, then drag the baseline on preview graph in the right panel to interactively change the baseline Y value. Also, you can customize Line Color and Fill Color under Overlap Color section.
    Overlap Area 02.png
  5. Click OK button. It will output a graph of the overlapping area along with the two source plots used and a label box with the integration results, and a workbook with overlap line and baseline dataset. Integration results are also output to the Results Log.
    Overlap Area 03.png