2.57 NetCDF Data Analysis(Pro)


This NetCDF Data Analysis app can be used to perform analysis on NetCDF data including Sen's Slope, Mann-Kendall Test along the time direction, Linear Fit and Correlation Coefficient between two NetCDF data.


  1. Download the NetCDF file from here. Upzip it.
  2. Create a new Matrix book. Select menu Data: Connector to File: NetCDF. Browse to select the NetCDF file from previous step. In the Data Connector Browser that opens, select branch pr_wtr to import global precipitable water data crossing 504 months.
    NetCDF Data Analysis 1.png
  3. With MBook1 active, click on the NetCDF Data Analysis icon in the Apps Gallery. This will open a toolbar with 6 buttons.
    NetCDF Data Analysis 2.png
  4. Click 1st button to calculate Sen's Slope. Once done, a message box will pop up and a Matrix book with Effect Size table is created.
    NetCDF Data Analysis 3.png
    Note: If the NetCDF data is large, it may be slow to read data and the calculation progress is shown in the status bar.
  5. Click the 5th button (OK button) to close the toolbar and you can then view the Sen's Slope result.
  6. We will now identify how the precipitable water data is affected by an index data. Create a new Workbook. Select menu Data: Connector to Web. Enter following URL:
    to import an Excel file of a precipitable water index data.
  7. Activate Mbook1. Click on the NetCDF Data Analysis icon again to open the NetCDF Data Analysis toolbar.
  8. Click 4th button to calculate the Correlation Coefficient between two data. It will use MBook1 as the first data and pop up the Correlation between Two NetCDF Data dialog to let you select the 2nd data. In the dialog, choose Column radio button for 2nd Data Format and select Column C in the worksheet created from previous step for Column for 2nd Data. Leave lag settings as default.
    NetCDF Data Analysis 4.png
    Click OK. A new Matrix book with two matrix objects is created, one is the correlation and the other is the significance of the correlation.
    NetCDF Data Analysis 5.png