2.2 Level Crossing


This Level Crossing app can be used to find X values at level crossings (a specific Y value), over a region of interest within a data plot.
Multiple data plots in the layer is also supported.


  1. Download Level_Crossing_App.zip zip file. Unzip the file, and open the workbook Sample Data.ogw in Origin.
    Level Crossing 01.png
  2. Highlight Column B, C and D, then select Plot: Basic 2D: Line to create lines plot.
    Level Crossing 02.png
  3. Active the Line graph window, and then click on Level Crossing icon Level Crossing icon.png from the Apps panel. It will open the addtool_levelcrossing dialog.
    Level Crossing 03.png
  4. Click OK button with default setting. You will see that a yellow rectangle (ROI box) and a horizontal red line are added to the plot.
    Level Crossing 04.png
  5. Resize the ROI box to cover all signals.
    Level Crossing 05.png
  6. Moving the horizontal red line can change the crossing level value.
    Level Crossing 06.png

    If you want to set a precise threshold, you can click the triangle button Triangle button.png and select Preference from the fly-out menu to reopen the dialog. Go to the Setting tab and enter 50 in Crossing Level box.
    Level Crossing 07.png
  7. Go to Output tab, uncheck Script Window and check Append to Worksheet.
    Level Crossing 08.png
  8. Click the triangle button again and select New Output for All Curves. Then the quantities of the crossing points for three plots will be output in a new workbook.
    Level Crossing 09.png