6.2 Excel Connector


This Excel Connector app can be used to import Excel file. (*.xls, *.xlsx) from local or online. This app is pre-installed in Origin. You can launch it from

  • menu Data: Connect to File: Excel, or
  • the Excel Connector App icon on the Connectors tab of the Apps Gallery

For more information of importing Excel data, please refer to this document.


  1. Create a new Workbook. Select menu Data: Connector to File: Excel. Browse to Origin’s grogram folder and select Excel file \Samples\Import and Export\United States Energy (1980-2013).xls.
  2. In the Import Options dialog that opens,
    • Excel Sheet is set to Oil to import the first sheet in the Excel file
    • Main header lines is checked so Origin will auto-detect the first 2 lines as main header
    • Save file header to is set to Worksheet label area to import the main header into File Header label row
    • Long Names is set to 1 to import the first row next to main header to Long Name label row
    • Units is set to 2 to import the second row next to main header to Units label row
    Click OK to import the file as default. Excel Connector 1.png
  3. If an Excel file contains multiple sheets, such as United States Energy (1980-2013).xls we imported, an Excel Sheets panel will be open on the left. It lists all the sheets and the imported sheet name is bolded. Press Ctrl + Shift keys to select 2 to 4 sheets. Right click and select Add and Connect Sheet(s). These 3 sheets will be imported into separated sheets.
    Excel Connector 2.png