3.3 Data Factory


Data Factory app is used to generate random data based on specified distribution and parameter, or patterned data.


  1. Create a new workbook by clicking New WorkBook button New Workbook button.png on the Standard toolbar. First we will show you how to fill column B with random numeric based on Normal distribution.
  2. Click the Data Factory icon Data Factory icon.png in the Apps Gallery.
  3. In the opened dialog,
    • [Book1]Sheet1!A is auto pre-filled as output column. Click ≫ button to switch to column B.
    • Make sure Numeric is selected for Data Type and Random/Distribution is selected for Data Pattern.
    • Select Normal for Distribution Type. Specify the distribution parameters as follow:
    • Enter 5000 for Data Size
    • Set Mean = 1 and StdDev = 0.5.
    Note that the preview graph on the right panel will update automatically when you set/change any parameters on the left. Preview is available for numeric data type only.
    Data Factory 01.png
  4. Click Fill Column button to fill col(B) with random numbers based on Normal distribution specified above.
  5. Now click ≪ button to switch to column A. We will then show you how to fill it with repeated text sequence.
  6. Select Text for Data Type this time. Specify the text pattern as follow:
    • Enter “A B C D E” separated by Enter key.
    • Select Repeat radio button.
    • Set Repeat Times for Each Value = 1 and Repeat Times for the Sequence = 1000. Note that Data Size is auto calculated as 5000.
    Data Factory 02.png
  7. Click Fill Column button to fill col(A) with 5-text sequence repeated 1000 times.
    Data Factory 03.png