2.36 Change Point Analysis


This Change Point Analysis app is used to detect single and multiple changes within a given time series or sequence.


  1. Start this tutorial with the app Change Point Analysis installed. If you have not installed this app, please click Add Apps button in Apps Gallery to open App Center to search and install the app.
  2. New a workbook and then select Data > Connect to File : Text/CSV menu to import the sample file <Origin Program Folder>\Samples\Signal Processing\Step Signal with Random Noise.dat.
    Change Point Analysis 01.png
  3. Highlight Col(B), and click the app icon to open the dialog.
    Change Point Analysis 02.png
  4. To find all the changes, let us check Auto Preview box and do settings as below in the dialog:
    Change Point Analysis 03.png
  5. Click OK button to output the changes.
    Change Point Analysis 04.png
    As you can see in the report sheet, twelve change points have been found and thirteen segments divided by the change points have been counted by statistical. And all change points has been marked and labeled in the result graph.