6.1 CSV Connector


This CSV Connector app can be used to import CSV file. (*.csv) from local or online. This app is pre-installed in Origin. You can launch it from

  • menu Data: Connect to File: Text/CSV, or
  • the CSV Connector App icon on the Connectors tab of the Apps Gallery

For more information of importing CSV data, please refer to this document.


  1. Create a new Workbook. Select menu Data: Connector to File: CSV. Browse to Origin’s grogram folder and select CSV file \Samples\Import and Export\ASCII CSV with Quotes.csv.
  2. In the Import Options dialog that opens, Origin auto-detects the optimized settings:
    • Main header lines is checked and Origin auto-detects there is no main header in this file
    • Data has column name is checked so Origin auto-detects 1st row as Long Name
    • Data has units is checked so Origin auto-detects 2nd row as Units
    • Data has Comments is set to None, which means no Comments line is detects in the file
    Click OK to import the file.
    CSV Connector 1.png