2.26 3D Smoother


The 3D Smoother app can be used to smooth 3D data from XYZ columns or a matrix.


  1. Import XYZ Random Gaussian.dat in the <Origin EXE Folder>\Samples\Matrix Conversion and Gridding\ folder.
  2. Right-click on Column C in the Worksheet, and select Set As: Z in the context menu. Select all columns in the worksheet, and then select Plot: 3D: 3D Colormap Surface menu to make a 3D Surface plot. Now, we want to smooth this 3D surfuce.
    3D Smoother 01.png
  3. Select all columns in the worksheet again, click 3D Smoother icon 3D Smoother icon.png from the Apps panel of Origin to open the app's dialog box.
  4. In the dialog, select Loess as Smoother method. Uncheck Grid Settings and Plot Raw Data option. Click OK.
    3D Smoother 02.png
  5. You will get the smoothed data and 3D plot.
    3D Smoother 03.png