Origin 2018 Bug Fixes


Copy and paste fitting result table to MS Word resulted in wrong values.  
Copy-Paste Operation should also copy Recalculation mode.  
Find Y from X Issue when using Copy Columns To  
Improve the accuracy of Weibull Fit parameters  
Initial formula fail to work after recalculation  
Nonlinear surface/matrix fit tool's initial formula saved in theme fail to work  
Unbalanced two way ANOVA output wrong descriptive statistics results in Interaction table  

Data Handling

Categorical order of source data not kept when unstacking columns.  
Find in Project using wildcards failed to find items in graph legends.  
Issue of importing a specified sheet of excel  
Locked columns not allowed to be set as Categorical.  
Stack column recalculation not triggered after changing group info in column label row.  
Worksheet selection rending issues.  


Axes ticks thickness do not accept comma(,) in German version  
Contour fill color is not fully filled to custom boundary  
Contour plot doesn't display correctly with large Z values( E17) and large Z range(-E17 ~ E16).  
Customizations of Windrose plot (using raw data) are not remembered after recalculation.  
Exported 3D OpenGL Graph is not real vector graphic  
Failed to show fill area between error bars when axis is reversed.  
Fill Area Under Curve- Fill to Next Data Plot is slow to render.  
Fill colors in floating column plot failed to change to By Points list from toolbar  
Graph special points settings that aren't modified failed to follow main plot settings.  
Improvements for Plotting Scatter with X/Y Error  
In JOS the exported graph with unicode X using Japanese font fails to open by AI/GSview  
Origin Crashes when insert Axis reference line  
Some contour graph crashes by turning off speed mode  
Template names duplicated in Recently Used Plots.  
When column/bar border width is set to 0, neighboring fill areas overlap.  
Wrong layer is exported when show active layer only is checked.  

Installation and Licensing

Problems Saving to or Opening from Google Drive  
Slowness and crashing issue related to Printer  


LaTeX link fails to work correctly in German Operation System  
Origin J/C version in English code page fails to set correct default font  


Fails to output statistics for each column.  
LT - Internally executed LabTalk call should not trigger ErrorProc  
LT function Angleint2 and Angleint1 fail to return the value in units of degrees  
OC Error of using the non-English character µ as variable name  
Origin crashes when rebuild all after open NLFit dialog once  
Set Column Values issues with string functions and conditional operators.  
VectorBase::Data() Issue  


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