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Origin Sample Projects

Origin ships with several sample project files containing a collection of graphs and analysis results. Each project opens with a workbook displaying graph images organized in multiple sheets. Double-clicking on an image provides details and instructions.

Explore the Samples project files to quickly learn what Origin can do for you.

To open the Samples projects, click File in the Main Menu, point to Open Sample Projects, and then select one of the sample project files.

There are five sample project files for general features available:

  • 2D and Contour Graphs
  • 3D OpenGL Graphs
  • Analysis
  • Statistical and Specialized Graphs
  • Tutorial Data
The Origin interface shows the thumbnails workbook of the 2D and Contour Graphs project.

And there are four sample project files for Origin 2016 new features and improvements

  • New Graph Types in Origin 2016
  • Smart Plotting with Cloneable Template
  • Batch Processing Improvements in Origin 2016
  • Statistics Improvements in Origin 2016

Key features:

  • The workbook in the main folder contains multiple worksheets displaying graphs and/or analysis results.
  • Each worksheet contains images providing a visual overview.
  • Subfolders contain details, including links to tutorials or procedures in notes windows on how to recreate graphs, or instructions on updating analysis settings.
  • Double-clicking an image in a worksheet opens a corresponding subfolder.

Note: Sample Project Tutorial Data does not display a worksheet embedded with expandable graph images as in the other projects. It contains the relevant data required to follow the numerous tutorials Origin provides to help users learn about new features in Origin.

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