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When I try to open an Origin Help file, the Help window opens but I cannot read any of the Origin topics. I see "page cannot be displayed". How can I solve this problem?

There are two possible causes for this problem.

--- CAUSE ONE ---

You may have a security setting blocking access to the Help file.
To check, browse to your Origin \Help folder. Right-click on one of the CHM files and select Properties. If you see an Unblock button, click the button and then click Apply. If you don't see an Unblock button, check the Security tab and make sure there are no viewing restrictions set.

--- CAUSE TWO ---

For those that are running Origin clients ...
In the Origin server | clients installation model, the Help files are located on the Origin server machine. Origin client machines read the Help files remotely.
It has been found that after applying a security patch (Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Service Pack (SP1), MS05-026, or MS04-023) to the Origin client, the Origin client can no longer open the Help files located on the Origin server machine.

To solve this problem, perform ONE of the following operations:

1) Copy the Help files from the Origin server's \Help subfolder to the Origin client machine. You can create an Origin client \Help subfolder first, and copy the files to this folder.
Limitation: To open the Help files, you will need to double-click on the files from Windows Explorer. You will not be able to open the local Help files from the Origin client's Help menu, as this menu always tries to read the Help files on the Origin server.

2) Perform "RESOLUTION: Example 1..." discussed in this Microsoft knowledge base article.

Note: The following get-around requires that the Origin client User Files Folder be located on the Origin client machine. If you are not sure of the User Files Folder location on the Origin client machine, you should start the Origin client and then open the Script window and enter the following command:
%Y =

3) Copy the Help files from the Origin server's \Help subfolder and paste them into the Origin client's User Files Folder.
Then download the following file:
and drag-and-drop this file onto your running Origin client. When this file unpacks, it will create a toolbar with two buttons, one to open the Origin Help file and the other to open the Origin Programming Help file.

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