What is Speed Mode and how does that affect my graph and my graph export?

Speed Mode is a method Origin uses to enhance the redraw speed of the data in your graph. Graph windows containing large datasets typically redraw at a slow rate, so Speed Mode is used to control the number of data points that display in the graph layer. The Speed Mode property is found in the Plot Details dialog box at the Layer level (choose Format: Layer Properties: Size/Speed). Use Worksheet data, maximum points per curve to enter a value in the associated text box that is smaller than the total number of points in the largest dataset (in the layer) to increase redraw speed and decrease the number of points displayed. Use Matrix data, maximum points per dimension to enter values into the associated X and Y text boxes to change the maximum number of points displayed for 3D Surface or Contour plots in the X and Y directions.

The Speed Mode property does not apply when printing or exporting; all datapoints will be drawn. If you wish to enable speed mode for printing, select File: Print to set the Worksheet data, skip points or Matrix data, maximum points properties for printing.

If you wish to enable speed mode for export, select Format:Page Properties. Go to the Miscellaneous tab and check the If speed mode is enabled for display, apply to graphic export as well.

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