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Submit Your Case Study

To submit your Case Study for consideration, please fill out our General Contact form. Please make sure the following fields are filled out. Please include any additional information where noted.

  1. Your Name

  2. Company Name

  3. E-mail address

  4. In the "Subject of inquiry" text box:
    Please leave the subject as is.

  5. In the "Enter message here" text box:

    • Field of Work
    • A short discussion of how you used to perform your work before using Origin. Please indicate specific tasks that were particularly problematic or time-consuming. Perhaps your work was originally performed by hand or you used another product that did not handle the task well? Or maybe you had an in-house application that was difficult to update.
    • A short discussion of how you later used Origin to accomplish your work. Please provide the name(s) of the specific feature(s) you use. Please also specify how much of your old routine is now performed in Origin.
    • The Origin version used. Whether it is the latest Origin demo, or a registered copy of Origin, we'd like to know which version of Origin you used. Registered users please include your Serial Number with your entry.
    • A description of yourself. Your description can include your education, hobbies, or research interests, or even a website URL. Please also include any credits/acknowledgments here.

  6. For the "Click this link to attach a file to your message" field:
    Please send us all files relevant to your Case Study (e.g. an Origin OPJ (or ORG), a Word document that includes your writeup, any required LabTalk/Origin C files, etc.). If possible, also include a recent photo of yourself, as well as images of any instruments or other equipment used in your work. Please make sure the Origin project adequately illustrates how you use Origin in your daily work. To ensure proper delivery, please include all files as one attachment. A compressed, self-extracting (ZIP) file is best.

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