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License Types and Packages

    License Management Options
    Individual and Multi-user Package Options

License Management Options

OriginLab offers individual and multi-user packages with a choice of license management options so you can select a license option that works best for you or your organization. License options include:

Node-locked (fixed seat)

  • Each computer requires license to run Origin.
  • License wizard provided in Origin, connects to OriginLab website. Offline option also provided.
  • Can deactivate license from Origin.

Concurrent (floating)

  • FLEXnet license server provided by OriginLab. If already manage other software with FLEXnet, can use existing FLEXnet server to manage Origin (as long as OS is supported by OriginLab).
  • Set up license service on network server or workstation that all Origin computers have connection to.
  • License service counts the number of computers running Origin at same time, restricts to purchased number.
  • Borrow option for travel.


  • USB dongle provided by OriginLab. One dongle per seat purchased.
  • Dongle must be in USB port to run Origin.


OriginLab offers a variety of Origin and OriginPro individual and multi-user packages for customers in the commercial, academic, non-profit, and government sectors.






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