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Kaplan-Meier Estimator

Kaplan-Meier Estimator uses product-limit methods to estimate the survival ratio, which is the nonparametric maximum likelihood estimate of survival analysis.

OriginPro supplies many settings for you to configure this analysis:

  1. Specify contents of your Survival Tables:
    • Event and Censor Values Summary
    • Survival Estimates
    • Quartitle Estimates
    • Mean Estimate
    • Confidence Level in % for Quartile/Mean Estimate.
  1. Choose which Survival Plots should be created and whether to output these curves in one graph:
    • Survival Curve
    • Add confidence intervals
    • One Minus Survival curve
    • Hazard Curve
    • Log Survival Curve
    • Plot all survival curves in one graph.
  1. OriginPro supplies three methods for you to test the equality of Survival Analysis functions, when Grouping Range is selected in your Input branch, which are Log Rank, Breslow and Tarone-Ware

Kaplan Meier Estimator interface

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You can also decide where to output your Survival Functions and Results table.

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