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Origin offers three hypothesis tests: One-Sample t-test, Pair-Sample t-test, and Two-Sample t-test. The t-test determines whether a sample is representative of a known population or whether paired samples are likely to be from the same population or whether two samples are likely to be from the same population.

Origin's t-test tools have been redesigned to increase user-friendliness and analytical power. New dialog boxes save valuable time by allowing you to select data, specify input and outputs options, and perform your tests without having to close and reopen a dialog box. You can now specify one-tailed or two-tailed tests by choosing from one of three alternate hypotheses. Simultaneously compute confidence intervals for multiple confidence levels, and compute actual power at a specified alpha level and hypothetical power for varying sample sizes.

One-Sample t-test determines whether a sample is representative of a population with specified mean.

Origin's One-Sample t-Test tool

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Pair-Sample t-test and Two-Sample t-test determine whether two sample are representative of same population. Pair-Sample t-test compares two matched samples, while two-sample t-test compares two independent samples.

Origin's Pair-Sample t-Test tool

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Origin's Two-Sample t-Test tool

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Hypothesis test tools can plot Histograms and Box Charts as options if the user would like to get an intuitive picture about the data distribution.

Origin includes the ability to automatically recalculate the analysis results of the Hypothesis Testing operation any time you change the parameters or update your source data. In addition, the settings for this analysis routine can be saved to an analysis theme for later use with similar data.


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