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Release 13 (MTW, MPJ)

Origin supports the import of Minitab® Statistical Software, Release 13, MTW and MPJ data files. This includes MPJ files with multiple worksheets.

During import you can specify many different options for controlling how your data is brought into the Origin workbook. File information is stored along with your imported data, making it easy to keep track of your work. You can access this information from the Workbook Organizer.

Once in Origin, create publication-quality graphs quickly and easily using one of Origin's 60-plus graph templates. Or, create your own graph template and save it for use in the future.


Minitab MTW Import

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Create plots of your Minitab data quickly and easily in Origin. Plots include 2D, 3D, Statistical, Contour, and Image.

Minitab Import Options dialog

Minitab Import Options dialog

Minitab Statistical Software  

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