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INCA 5.4 - file version 3.0

ETAS INCA MDF Import dialog in Origin

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The MDF Import options dialog in Origin.

Origin supports importing the ETAS INCA (MDF, DAT) data format. The data stored in these files consists of results obtained during automotive testing of electronic control units, or ECUs (sometimes referred to as microcontrollers).

When importing ETAS INCA data files into Origin, the file information for the selected MDF/DAT file is displayed in the import dialog. In addition, you can specify the data sets you would like to import. Origin then imports the data and its associated metadata. The imported metadata is placed into custom parameter rows in the worksheet column header. These can then be utilized when analyzing and graphing your data.

The ability to import, visualize, and utilize metadata makes Origin an ideal platform for working with ETAS INCA (MDF, DAT) data.

For more information about ETAS, the INCA product family, and ECUs, continue reading below.

Graph and workbook displaying ETAS INCA MDF data

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The workbook and graph shown here depict the results obtained during diagnostic testing of the electronic control system in a Ford Mustang. Automotive engineers often are trying to determine if the control system is responding properly to inputs, so they measure reaction time of one signal vs. the other.

Typical plots would include Throttle vs Engine RPM and Calculated Load, for example. For multiple tests, one might choose to overlap common data plots from each test run in order to compare. Origin offers multiple axes plots that seamlessly allow you to do this.


ETAS - INCA (MDF,DAT) data format  

ETAS produces measurement, calibration and diagnostics tools for the automotive inductry.


INCA is the universal product family used for the development and calibration of the control and diagnostic parameters present in Electronic Control Units (ECU) functions.

What is an ECU function?

An ECU function, or electronic control unit function, is a software function that aids in the control of the electronic systems of today's automobile.

ECU functions are created using model based function development on the computer, rather than on the actual engine, as was the case in the past. A number of complex ECU functions underly the programming in ECUs. This is growing with every advance in cars. Simulations can be performed on the computer using these functions and rapid prototyping can be done to cut down on cost of vehicle development.

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