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Vector Plot

Origin provides several types of 2D and 3D Vector graphs. A vector graph is a multidimensional graph used in industries such as meteorology, aviation, and construction that illustrates flow patterns (e.g. of wind, water, magnetic field), and represents both direction and magnitude at each point. See examples in the table below:

2D Vector Graphs

Wind analysis results plotted as a Contour plot with Vector (X,Y,X,Y) overlay.
Vector plot (X, Y, angle, magnitude) of river flow study for various types of pylons

    Options for 2D Vector Graphs:

  • Construct vectors from end-point data, XY/XY
  • Specify constant arrow-head size for vectors, or scale with magnitude
  • Adjust color and width of vectors
  • Construct vectors from start-point, plus angle and magnitude, XY/AM
  • Connect vectors with line
  • Adjust the vector length by specifying the magnitude multiplier

3D Vector Graphs

3D Vector (XYZ/XYZ)
3D Vector (X,Y,Z,dX,dY,dZ)

    Options for 3D Vector Graphs:

  • Construct vectors from end-points, XYZ/XYZ
  • Adjust vector lengths with scaling factor
  • Adjust arrow head size with absolute or relative scaling
  • Construct vectors from start-point plus increment, XYZ/dXdYdZ
  • Adjust color and width of vectors
  • Draw projections onto any axis plane

See more examples in our Graph Gallery.

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