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Multi-Axis and Multi-Panel Graphs

Origin provides multi-axis and multi-panel graph templates to present multiple datasets in the same graph window.

Multi-Axis Graphs

Multiple Y-axis graph comparing various economic data over time.
Multiple Y-axes sharing a single X-axis. The Y-axes may be of different scale types.
Multiple X and Y axes on a single graph.

    Options for Multi-Axis Graphs:

  • Specify the positions of Y axes
  • Color a Y axis the same as its corresponding curve(s)
  • Set each axis scale type independently
  • Link axes between layers
  • Specify plot type independently for each data plot

Multi-Panel Graphs

A stack panel graph used to display meteorological data.
Stacked panel graph with a shared X-axis.
Four-panel iine-scatter plot of drain discharge in a 2D, variably-saturated flow model.

    Options for Multi-Panel Graphs:

  • Specify number of panels in the graph
  • Arrange panel position freely
  • Adjust plot types for each data plot
  • Resize panels individually
  • Group multiple data sets by column labels and plot them into multiple panels

See more examples in our Graph Gallery.

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